What is MRSP?

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board Regulation of 2017 tasks the EMRB with “Preparation of an Edmonton Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan" (MRSP).

The Servicing Plan objectives are as follows:
  1. to identify the services required to support the goals of, and to implement, the Growth Plan;
  2. to support the optimization of responsible growth in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region;
  3. to facilitate orderly, economical and environmentally responsible growth in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region;
  4. to coordinate planning and decisions regarding services among member municipalities to ensure the optimization of ratepayer dollars.
The Servicing Plan must:
  1. list the servicing required to support the development outlined in the Growth Plan, which may include:
    1. transportation, including regional transit,
    2. water, waste water and storm water,
    3. solid waste,
    4. emergency services, and
    5. any other services, identified by the board which benefit residents in more than one of the municipalities that are parties to the Servicing Plan, shared services to enhance use of ratepayer dollars.

Task Force

The Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan Task Force members include:
  • Mayor Ray Ralph, Town of Devon (Chair)
  • Councillor Dave Anderson, Strathcona County, (Vice Chair)
  • Mayor Don Iveson, City of Edmonton
  • Councillor Gordon Harris, City of Fort Saskatchewan
  • Mayor Tanni Doblanko, Leduc County
  • Councillor Ray Watkins, City of St. Albert
  • Mayor William Choy, Town of Stony Plain