Apr 12, 2018
Continuing to set its course for the future, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board met for its bimonthly meeting on April 12, 2018. See agenda here

Information Sessions:
The Board received two presentations from representatives on behalf of the metropolitan regions of Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota and Austin Texas.
  • Michael Langley, the founding CEO of GREATER MSP’s economic development partnership in 2011 detailed the region’s journey to successful political and economic collaboration amongst its 179 municipalities, noting similarities and contrasts with Edmonton Metro. He emphasized regional leadership; identification of regional strengths; and the importance of talent attraction and social connection in ensuring a thriving economic environment that is attractive to the world.  See his presentation here
  • Prior to joining Alberta Innovates, CEO Laura Kilcrease was a key figure in the identification and creation of the Greater Austin metropolitan region, now one of the most successful entrepreneurial centres and best place to live and work in the US. That experience echoed much of the MSP presentation, emphasizing that successful regions are attentive to critical factors of: labour attraction and retention; an international airport hub; clarity of local strengths and uniqueness; and constant pursuit of diversification.
Budget approved:
The Board approved its annual budget, as recommended by the Audit & Finance committee. A workplan will now be finalized, including new project resources to support research into the local application of Shared Investment for Shared Benefit, and the regulatory requirements for:
  • Implementation of the regional Growth Plan, as approved in 2017. First priority is the development of a Regional Agriculture Master Plan (RAMP), now undertaken by the RAMP Task Force, which has begun meeting.
  • Development of a Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan (MRSP), a new requirement of the 2017 EMRB regulation. This will be steered by the new MRSP Task Force, with its first meeting April 26.
  • Development of a Public Engagement Policy: to support the RAMP and MRSP.
Other items:
  • Discussion of Executive Committee recommendations for changes to Draft Strategic Plan. Board  made further comments to be reviewed again by Executive Committee in May, towards its recommendation of the final draft to Board in June. 
  • Parkland County Mayor Rod Shaigec confirmed as Chair of the Regional Agriculture Master Plan Task Force.
  • A new KPI dashboard for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan has been developed. See the dashboard here
The next Board meeting will be June 14, 2018.
The Executive and Audit & Finance Committees will meet May 10, 2018.