Aug 10, 2018
In addition to an in camera CEO search update indicating the conclusion is near, the highlight of the EMRB's Summer Board meeting August 9, 2018 was a report on the state of Region's agriculture and food sector.

Regional Agriculture Situation Analysis
A presentation on the first work of the new  Regional Agriculture Master Plan (RAMP) Task Force notes that agriculture is Edmonton Metro's second largest processing industry, and suggested "a fresh perspective of farmland is that sees agriculture as a permanent feature of the regional landscape and farming as an essential component of our economy and cultural heritage".

The Regional Situation Analysis Report sows the seeds of Task Force work in the next 18-24 months toward a comprehensive Regional Ag Master Plan. Elements of current timeline:
  • Development of a Vision for the Edmonton Metro Region - led by Task Force; draft to be completed in fall of 2018
  • Land Use Policies - process for an alternate land evaluation system is underway; exploration and evaluation of land use policies to accelerate the vision; and diversification and supporting tools for implementation, targeted for spring of 2019
  • Economic Development - input from range of industry players; collaboration with Edmonton Global through fall 2019 
  • Draft of RAMP targeted for spring 2020
Other business:
  • A Task Force format was approved for a Shared Investment for Shared Benefit initiative, identified as the Board's first priority of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. Said Board Chair Dr. Jodi L. Abbott, "Shared Investment for Shared Benefit is a difficult yet potentially transformative discussion and we are eager to take this next step for the Region."
  • Approval of a new Compensation Strategy for Board Human Resources, including CEO Compensation Guidelines.
  • Updates on staffing, regional context statements and the quarterly financials.
Board meetings are held the second Thursday of every second month. The next Board meeting will be October 11, 2018. See 2018 EMRB Board Briefs here