Jun 15, 2018
June 14, 2018 meeting in brief:

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board approved Terms of Reference for Integrated Transportation and Transit System Working Group.
  • The Working Group will be a forum for sharing information about transportation and transit activities in the region, not necessarily related to the Board.
  •  As such, Working Group participation is optional and the Group will not be making motions or decisions.
  • The first meeting will be June 29, 2018 at La Cite Francophone.
The Board’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan was approved.
  • The top three priorities are: development of a regional shared investment for shared benefit policy; Responsible and Sustainable Growth; and Maintaining the Momentum that has been built over the past 10 years.
  • Under the Responsible and Sustainable Growth section, the Board decided against adding the subject of Recreation.
  • The Plan is the guide for annual Business Plan development, and as such the 2018/19 Business Plan, was also passed, as amended.
A City of Edmonton REF application was approved by the Board.

The 2017/18 Audited Financial Statements and content for the 2017/18 Annual Report were approved.
  • The EMRB Annual Report for 2017/18 features the significant transitions of the last year.
  • It will be printed and online before the end of July.
  •  The Annual Report to the Province is a regulatory function of the EMRB.
The Board was updated on the CEO search now underway.
  • Currently on target to have top two candidates presented at August meeting.
  • EMRB Regional Project Manager Neal Sarnecki was approved as Interim CEO. 
A new Regional Public Engagement Policy under development was presented for information.
  • The policy is required as part of the new Regulation
  • To be used as a part of the Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan and Growth Plan implementation work
  • A final draft policy will come forward later this year
The 2017/18 Regional Transportation Priorities Report was approved.

Notes to Board
  • Leduc County Mayor Tanni Doblanko provided a report on a subregional charter in place and underway to investigate opportunities for shared investment for shared benefit among municipalities closest to the EIA, Leduc County, Leduc and Edmonton. A consultant will be hired, and models targeted for June 2019.
  • The Regional Agriculture Master Plan Task Force continues to work hard, with a meeting in Calmar hosted by Leduc County June 15, 2018.
  • As the last meeting with outgoing CEO Malcolm Bruce, the Board took the opportunity to express its gratitude for Malcolm’s leadership. The Chair presented Mr. Bruce with a certificate of appreciation.
See the Board Agenda Package here