Oct 11, 2018
Highlights of the Day
  • Regional Transit Service Commission
An agreement to create a regional transit commission over the next year became the second successful collaborative spin-off that has resulted because of good relationships developed among members around the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board table.This summer they partnered to launch the region's first regional economic development entity - Edmonton Global.

During a break in the Board meeting, all 13 members signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlying how they will work together voluntarily to set up and operate inter-municipal routes but leave local service to existing operators. All hailed the Regional Transit Service Commission as a great regional win/win, providing better service to residents, businesses and the environment by making the best use of resources.

Board Briefs
  • Sturgeon Valley Special Study Area - The Board will vote on proposed changes to the Growth Plan allowing for future development of the Sturgeon Valley at its next meeting on December 13, 2018, after questions by member municipalities have been addressed. The Sturgeon Valley Special Study Area represents the first amendment to the Plan. The proposal was a joint effort by the affected municipalities - Sturgeon County, the City of Edmonton and the City of St. Albert.
  • Regional Agriculture Master Plan (RAMP) - Chair Mayor Rod Shaigec updated the Board on activities since the last Task Force meeting September 21, where the plan's vision. principles and planning framework were discussed. Next meeting is Nov 23.
  • Strategic Plan Monitoring - The Board received its first report on the performance measurements for measuring performance of its Strategic Plan priorities. The Strategic Plan was approved by the Board in June.
  • Public Engagement Policy - In keeping with the Board's new Regulation, existing public engagement activities have been reviewed and formalized into a Board policy. The policy is in alignment with those of member municipalities and will be used to determine the appropriate level of public engagement at the beginning of each Board initiative.
  • Celebrating 10 years 2008-2018 - Members will be actively telling the story of the Board's 10 years of collaborative success this fall, leading to a celebration with key regional community leaders and elected officials in December.
  • Project updates:
    • Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan (MRSP) - The Task Force will be meeting Oct 26 to review significant background work done over the summer by administration, the consultant team and the MRSP advisory group. After meeting with EPCOR, water commissions and fire chiefs, the project team will present a regional environmental scan to the Task Force. MRSP service areas include:
      • Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater
      • Transportation and Transit
      • Solid Waste
      • Emergency Services (Fire)
    • Shared Investment for Shared Benefit Initiative - In final stages of preparation of the Terms of Reference to launch the task force that will be responsible for tackling this work - the number one strategic priority of the Board. Goal is for this to be brought to the December Board meeting for approval.
    • Quarterly Financial Statements were presented.
Next Board meeting is December 13, 2018