Nov 29, 2016
Regrettably the promise that characterized the Board's delivery to the province of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan last month has been muted by uncertainties about resources for next year,

The request for a $1 million membership contribution in 2017/18 was made in response to the expectation of reduced GOA funding. The direct impact is to the assurances made during the Growth Plan process to immediately begin the development of an Agriculture Master Plan; this may no longer be possible as the request did not pass at the Board November 8.

However we are exploring all options in squaring this circle. And we must remind ourselves of what this plan will  mean to the Region's next million people, even if we can't do everything we want right away:
  • Savings of $5 billion 
  • complete communities and housing diversity
  • more compact development and efficient infrastructure
  • easier movement around the region for many forms of transportation
  • a thriving agricultural and agri-food industry
  • healthy natural systems and climate change adaptability
  • a prosperous, globally competitive Region
Our mission is to make this work, and my job is to deliver a balanced budget... 

Stay tuned.
- Malcolm Bruce