Mar 22, 2017
Entering its 10th year, the Capital Region Board is on the brink of becoming the growth management board of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, where it will be easier for everyone to understand the object of the tagline, regional growth, global opportunity.

I will be on the road throughout April to reinforce the significance of this and the other elements of the transition we are currently experiencing.

Our research this year found that regional residents have long since understood "regional-ness", as a sense of connection between neighbouring municipalities that begins at the neighbourhood level and extends outward as services are accessed. 

My semi annual meetings with Mayors, Councils and CAOs on their home turfs helps me stay grounded and attuned to local issues and my travels remind me how true it is that we rarely see borders as we live our everyday lives.

I look forward to the many positive changes ahead - new Board regulation and structure, implementation of the new growth plan, new Board members post election - but most of all the formal recognition of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, where, as we have been told by residents, you can Realize Every Ambition!

Malcolm Bruce, CEO