Nov 27, 2017
We knew it was coming and we were ready. The elements for EMRB continuing as a vital regional force for long-term growth planning and prosperity have come together.
  • New regional Mayors and Councils were elected October 16, 2017, giving new lleadership to our work.
  • Then, the October 26, 2017 proclamation of the newly designated Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board was the final step in a process of change to the CRB that has been an open secret since spring. The EMRB Regulation calls for a Board of 13 members from the region's municipalities with populations of 5,000 or more, and extend its mandate to include a review of metro servicing in addition to growth planning.
  • The Regulation also clearly designated the Edmonton Metropolitan Region for the first time as the area within Edmonton and the four counties that surround it.
  • Finally, also on October 26 the Government gave its approval to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, which has won provincial and national accolades from planners following is completion in 2016. Along with metro servicing, Growth Plan implementation will be the cornerstone of Board activity in this term.
Malcolm Bruce, CEO