Jan 25, 2017
The fixed date for municipal elections - October 16 - is really the only certainty we have as the municipal change agenda ramps up in 2017.

With the announcement  in December by then Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee that her intention was to reconfigure the Capital Region Board from 24 member municipalities to potentially 13, future planning is now ongoing to manage the impacts. Importantly, the news did confirm the viability of Growth Management Boards - in particular the CRB - as the MGA is being modernized.

While dialogue continues between affected Municipalities, the Government and the Board as well as finalization of some key details. A key focus for the February Board meeting will be how to manage transition, and ease the transition by anticipating as many details as possible that will be impacted by the legislation and our new regulation. 

That includes potential revisions to all existing documentation along with provision of potential changes to the governance structure, prescribed outcomes and probably our name. The Province has signaled this would be complete this summer.

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, passed by the Board and delivered for approval to the Province in October, also awaits its good-to-go. In the interim we are also planning for its transition on now two counts: from draft plan to legislation, and for the impact as Board membership contracts to the smaller group of 13. We are asking the Province to approve the Plan as soon as possible as some municipal planning is in virtual hiatus, waiting for the new Plan to kick in.

Finally, all of this affects budgeting. We are currently drafting balanced budget options for the Board without knowing what our provincial grant will be, nor the real full costs of these transitions. Flexibility and communication will be keys to moving through this period of transition.

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Malcolm Bruce, MSM
Chief Executive Officer
Direct: 780-638-6002|Fax: 780-638-6009
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