Sep 29, 2017
This summer the Edmonton Metropolitan Region saw the incorporation of its first regional economic development company, Edmonton Global.

With shareholders from 15 regional municipalities, including all 13 that will make up the new Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, this part 9 not-for-profit company is the clear result of maturing regional collaboration, leadership and vision. It all started at the CRB table.

While it has been incubated by the CRB, that is, assisted in its initial start-up with help from CRB resources including myself as Interim CEO, today Edmonton Global is nearing full transition to independent operations. This has always been the plan.

On September 14, the Shareholder Group announced its Board of Directors and Chair, John Day. Two dedicated staff have been hired to assist the Board, and the CEO search is well underway.

On Monday October 2, a key meeting between the Transition Board and the new Inaugural Board will take place. This will set the stage for the new Board to begin its task of analyzing regional sector strengths to determine its strategy for bringing more investment and jobs to the Edmonton Metro Region. A key component will be a regional brand and identity for national and international marketing.

In short, Edmonton Global is a partnership for regional prosperity. It is independent of the regional growth board (CRB), which of course focuses on long-term planning, but because we operate on behalf of the same residents, the relationship will always be close. 

As one of the only truly regional forums that exist, the CRB can be proud to have incubated this important regional entity as its legacy. Along with the new Growth Plan, it is a significant regional achievement upon which the new Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board can build.

Going forward, the most up-to-date information about Edmonton Global activities and progress will be found at its new website

Malcolm Bruce, CEO