Feb 22, 2017
Heading into the March Board meeting I am confident CRB is well prepared to weather the uncertainty that certainly lies ahead. The approval of the 2017/18 Budget at the February Board meeting was an important plank to have in place.

The newly minted Transition Task Force will meet March 8 to begin sorting out the aftermath of Board changes expected in the new CRB regulation as part of the new MGA.

Looking ahead, the Governance, Priorities & Finance Committee is considering the draft 2017/21 Business Plan at its meeting February 23 with a view to recommending it to the Board in March. This will ensure administrative alignment of activities resulting from changes to the regulation as well as those anticipated as a result of the October municipal elections.

In anticipation of more positive change this year, the Interim Board of the Regional Economic Development Entity continues its engagement across all regional stakeholder groups so that there are no surprises as this process moves forward. 

And finally, in order to smooth the transition to the new Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, AMC is assisting Municipal Affairs in preparing for a swift Cabinet approval by engaging government stakeholders with information highlighting the Plan's potential and key alignment with provincial outcomes. This began  February 8 with a successful meeting between AMC & GPU Task Force representatives and Cabinet Ministers invited by Minister Anderson. Follow up letters and key messages are being sent to all Cabinet members and Regional MLAs.

Minister Anderson has been invited to bring an update to the March Board meeting.