May 24, 2017
Our Region has reached an important milestone in being more competitive globally. The Edmonton Metropolitan Region now has a organization dedicated to that end.

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Economic Development (EMRED) entity was born May 24, culminating a process that began with the CRB Regional Economic Development Summit in October 2014, but had been years in the making.  

Incubated by the Capital Region Board, this independent entity is just one of the many ways the 24 members together have shaped a regional narrative and identity. 

Another critical and visible example of contributing to regional collaboration is the Board's update of our foundational regional Growth Plan in 2016.

But there are others. Because of CRB, there is now annual regional transportation prioritization, there is a model for a regional housing plan, there is regional GIS, there is a plan for regional energy corridor planning, and there is momentum for ongoing regional collaboration.

As we approach our potentially final meeting of this Board, we'll take time in June to celebrate all the successes of this term, as well as those over the past 10 years.

At a luncheon for regional elected officials June 8, we will also recognize the contributions of 11 members leaving the Board when the new regulation is in force.

In May, the Board completed some key activities in preparing for that transition:
  • Approved 2017/18 Budget adjusted for loss of $250,000  in the March 2017 Provincial Budget.
  • Approved the Regional and Sub-regional Housing Planning Model, to be used for developing a Regional Housing Plan.
  • Approved the 2017 Regional Transportation Report, to be used by the Province for its annual transportation planning. 
  • Approved a recommendation from the Transition Task Force to hire an external Chair for the first two years of the new Board.
I am confident the story of the Capital Region Board 2007-2017 will be a staple in future discussions of regional collaboration and planning success.
- Malcolm Bruce, MSM