Apr 26, 2017
Arguably it is the collaboration of the Capital Region Board table that has put the Edmonton Metropolitan Region on the cusp of a remarkable future.

It was the CRB that agreed to move away from use of the confusing and indefinite "Capital Region", and then found that, when asked, residents say they generally experience a "borderless" Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

CRB has produced an improved, integrated, and modern regional Growth Plan as a roadmap for responsible growth and prosperity for all municipalities into the foreseeable future. The story and the implementation of our Growth Plan will be an inspiration for other regions. 

CRB has led the way in growing the collaborative framework for the region that will enable it to more fully assert itself on the world stage. One significant mechanism to do so is through the proposed Edmonton Metropolitan Region Economic Development Entity, which will highlight and leverage the great work being done throughout the region to create a more powerful single identity and a base for truly regional global competitiveness.

These accomplishments are a testament to the personal and corporate commitment of Board members, and their councils and administrations, and to acting together in best interests of their residents.

That is collaboration. Even when in the short term it may seem otherwise.