Sep 19, 2018
We are well underway with a busy fall agenda. See highlights here

Underlying all our work is the Board's new Strategic Plan, which clearly focuses on continuing to create the conditions to support our long-term prosperity, as directed in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan

With the incubation and launch this summer of Edmonton Global, the Board succeeded in accomplishing a first objective for a thriving region over time - regional economic development. Now independent, Edmonton Global is putting Edmonton Metro on the world stage.

Now the focus is on land use and infrastructure, in three current projects and initiatives: This fall we are just beginning to develop the parameters for the Shared Investment for Shared Benefit work,

Finally, Board members have worked together to reach consensus, and we expect an announcement soon, on a regional transit commission.

These are signs that a regional perspective is now rooted in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and its growth management board. 
- Neal Sarnecki, Interim CEO