Jan 27, 2018
January has truly marked a new year and a new start for the EMRB and regionalism.

With certainty about the Region itself, about the composition and mandate (and name!) of its regional growth management board, and a new energy amongst the municipal elected officials just beginning their term, there is definite optimism about what the future holds.
The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board felt this in two very successful January events that drew significant audiences: Regional 101, organized to set the stage for Board and regional ctivities in 2018 by providing the background on which that work will be built, and The Energy Corridors Stakeholders Forum, which begins the critical conversation of  ensuring a better process for pipeline development as capacity dwindles.

These are both noteworthy. Their success reflects increasing interest in understanding the regional work of the EMRB and a maturity in the regional collaboration that the Board represents, and can best deliver.

We look forward to what's next. 
Malcolm Bruce,