Feb 27, 2018
The release February 26, 2018 of the province’s advisory committee on energy diversification brings welcome recognition of EMRB’s position and work on Energy Corridors.

Recommendation 4 of the report  Diversification, Not Decline: Adapting to the new energy reality supports the major outcome of the Energy Corridors Master Plan in stating:
  • The Energy Diversification Advisory Committee support the concept of establishing new infrastructure and energy corridors around existing or likely sites for downstream energy clusters – in particular, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, Joffre, Grande Prairie and Medicine Hat. 
And the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan is quoted on page 98 of the report noting:
  • The Edmonton metropolitan Region Board has identified the need for “identifying lands and corridors for multi-use corridors and advocating for future infrastructure lines to be co-located in existing and planned multi-use corridors”, and has proposed several potential corridors in their region.
Our work on Energy Corridors Master Plan began with the Stakeholders Forum January 23, 2018 where we heard overwhelming consensus from some 100 participants on the need for action on policy in this area.

We appreciate the acknowledgment of our work, and will continue to move forward in bringing further provincial input to this important regional project.

See the Energy Corridors Master Plan here 
Malcolm Bruce.