Apr 13, 2017
Two provincial Ministers took the opportunity to address members of the Capital Region Board today on matters relating to its changing face in the wake of changes expected in the upcoming Modernized Municipal Government Act.

Economic Development Minister Deron Bilous announced a $300K grant for the Board’s current regional economic development initiative. The grant will provide background research to assist with transition from the current incubation phase to the start-up of an independent regional EcDev entity.

Minister of Municipal Affairs Shaye Anderson provided the Board an update on the status of that draft regulation and discussed the elements most relevant to the existing 24 member municipalities, as well as those specific to the 13 municipalities that are slated to remain as the revised Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board.

 “We thank the Ministers and appreciate the Government of Alberta support in recognizing the Board’s need to prepare for the new regulation and an expanded mandate for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region,” said Board Chair Nolan Crouse.  

“Today’s consultation on the regulation and the foundational EcDev funding will enable the Board to continue the transition process towards stewarding responsible long-term growth and global competitiveness in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.”
The CRB is a forum of member municipalities of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region united in regional action toward global opportunity and working toward responsible growth planning, with a focus on transportation, housing and regional services.  
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