Jul 14, 2020
We are excited to announce a transition in the management and distribution of EMRB Board, Committee and Task Force meeting documents. Starting July 7, 2020, meeting agenda packages will be distributed from EMRB Administration electronically via our iCompass platform. 

Day to day, the impact of this transition will be minimal. If you are currently part of an EMRB distribution list, you will still receive meeting packages from EMRB emailed directly to you, but from iCompass and in a slightly different format. 

If you're not currently a member of an EMRB distribution list, you may now subscribe to recieve all or specific meeting packages and notifications. To self subscribe to additional notifications, visit https://emrb.civicweb.net/Portal/Subscribe and select the applicable meeting type, such as Board, Executive Committee or Regional Agriculture Master Plan Task Force. Simply enter your email address and click subscribe. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address (hint: check your spam folder). Click the link in the email to validate your subscription.

The most noticeable change will be splitting the “Meetings & Events” tab on the EMRB homepage.
Going forward, you’ll notice that the “Meetings” tab will redirect you to an EMRB-branded iCompass platform. iCompass will be the primary point of access and reference for agendas, minutes and meeting material. This new platform will be managed by EMRB Administration.

Please note: This platform will only contain information related to meetings of the Board, Committees and Task Forces, and will only contain documents from meetings after the July 7 launch date. All meeting materials published prior to the transition to iCompass will remain available, archived and accessible on the "Documents & Resources" section of emrb.ca.

The new “Events” tab on the EMRB homepage will direct visitors to a subpage dedicated to events outside of Board, Committee and Task Force meetings. Events listed on the new “Events” page may include webinars, lectures, forums, tours, and engagement opportunities hosted by EMRB.

iCompass features a calendar, meeting section, and search function to help you navigate the platform and access the material you need quickly and easily. From the iCompass portal you can download, edit documents, and print hardcopies for your personal use. You can also make use a split-screen view to cross reference agenda items with reports and information linked to the item, and a function to add notes and annotations within your own version of the agenda.

For full overview of iCompass user tools and functionality, please visit: icompasstech.com/video/transparency-portal-demo-video/. You can also explore iCompass functionality by clicking on the Help Button.

EMRB has a regulatory requirement to ensure that materials related to our Board, Committee and Task Forces are accessible to the public. The transition to iCompass supports our commitment to improving transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the way we work.

We have prepared a useful FAQ on the EMRB iCompass page covering potential questions and scenarios that may arise in the transition. We appreciate your patience as we roll out this new platform and take this step to improving the way we work.

Should you have any questions about the iCompass platform, the transition process, distribution lists, or the location of meeting documents, please don’t hesitate to contact EMRB Administration.