Oct 30, 2017

The award-winning Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan received Provincial approval in October 2017 and will be implemented by the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB).

The award-winning Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan is the culmination of ongoing research, trend monitoring, consultations and feedback from our members. The Growth Plan guides the daily work of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, ensuring decisions and programs are integrated to support the long term economic prosperity and quality of life for all citizens of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

The Growth Plan is updated regularly. The most recent, completed in 2016 after two years of research and review, is The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan: Re-Imagine. Plan. Build.  It represents a substantive revision of the Region's first 2010 Growth Plan: Growing Forward.

A responsible and collaborative approach ensures that as a Region we become more competitive on the global stage; create vibrant communities; move efficiently throughout the Region and preserve our natural environment and agricultural lands for future generations.