Feb 17, 2017
At its February meeting Capital Region Board members voted to pass a membership contribution of $500,000 for 2017/18 - but only after the municipal elections when the details of a new Board membership will be finalized.

The budget anticipates a $2.5 million grant from the province as was received in 2016/17. The membership contribution will take effect in November.

The downsizing of the Capital Region Board from 24 members to potentially 13 was announced in December by the Minister of Municipal Affairs, as part of the new Municipal Government Act. However the date of the regulation change is still unclear, but anticipated by late summer. Until it is in place the CRB must operate as a Board of 24.

As a result the full Board was tasked with approving the 2017/18 Budget, including a membership contribution, which would not apply to some members half-way through the fiscal year.

The Governance, Priorities & Finance Committee recommended the call for contribution be applied only after the October 16 municipal election to eliminate the need for leaving members to be invoiced.

Final determination of the per member contribution will be made when new CRB regulation is approved and the exact membership specified.