Apr 26, 2017
The decsion is near for a new regional economic development entity as the Interim Board completes a series of information sessions on its proposed Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles this week.

A presentation by Interim Board Chair Mary Cameron outlined the final stages of the process to incorporate a regional economic development body and the timeline to do so.

Feedback on the draft MOA and Articles is due May 2, 2017 with final revised versions, including any adjustments resulting from feedback, sent out to CRB on May 10, 2017. Early adopter sign-up is May 24, 2017.

Shareholders of the propsed entity will be regional municpalities, buying in at the same proportional rates as CRB for a first year total of $500,000 and rising to $1 million in year two and $2 million in year three. The entity would then access matching provincial and federal dollars.

Final individual shareholder costs will be determined by the numvber and size of participating municipalites.

The April 24 information session presentation, the session audio file and and the transcribed Q&As are available here

Webinars with the same information will be held at 6:00 p.m. April 26 amd April 27, 2017

The Interim Board and its work this year is the culmination of a CRB motion in 2015 that charged Administration to incubate of a regional economic development entity independent of the CRB.

This followed the delivery in June 2015 of a draft framework and strategy for regional economic development that grew out of the Board's defining Economic Development Summit in October 2014.

Interim Board members: 
  • Mary Cameron, Chair
  • Karen Adams, President and CEO Alberta Pensions
  • Sheldon Hudson, Vice-President, Al-Terra Engineering
  • Elan MacDonald, Principal, IMPACT Consulting
  • Reg Milley,  Past President & CEO, EIA
  • Stephen Petasky, Founder and Managing partner, LUXUS Group
  • Tracey Scarlett, Dean, JR Shaw School of Business, NAIT