Nov 09, 2017
Meeting together today for the first time, the 13 members of the newly created Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) chatted over a Welcome Breakfast attended by Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson, and spent the day getting acquainted with their new roles.

With its membership recently reduced from 24 to 13, the EMRB is the growth management board for the newly identified Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

New Board Chair Dr. Jodi Abbott took the opportunity to thank the Minister for providing a clear vision for the Board, in the form of the recently proclaimed EMRB regulation and final provincial approval of the Board's 30-year Growth Plan, acknowledging its development by the previous Board.

"There has been a tremendous amount of hard work done by the Capital Region Board towards this evolution to the EMRB. We must be grateful for the leadership of the previous Chair, Nolan Crouse. With this very progressive Growth Plan, we are certainly in a strong position to further ensure we are doing the right work for Edmonton Metro."

During the Orientation the new Board was introduced to the basics of regional governance, their fiduciary responsibilities, the status of ongoing and projected Board activities, and the EMRB staff. 

The first official Board business meeting will take place December 14, 2017.

In closing Chair Abbott reiterated her personal commitment to working with Board members toward their common vision.

"It is our turn to pick up the torch...and together we will seize the opportunity to make the best choices, for the best future, for this remarkable Region!"

See the October 30 2017 release and backgrounder here