Jan 25, 2017
Capital Region Board staff are continuing partnerships with students at the University of Alberta and NAIT this year and exploring a potential fit with MacEwan University programming.

Partnering to share and extend mutual understanding and regional knowledge just makes good sense, says CRB CEO Malcolm Bruce.

"We have learned a lot from the excellent research and perspectives of the U of A planning students," he said. "And through the project work of our NAIT students, we were able to add extra data to our regional GIS website. In both cases students were also able to reach beyond the classroom for unique real world experience."

Last year a UofA team reviewed regional MDPs/IDPs to find commonalities and trends. This year a new team will be researching Agricultural Master Plans and agriculture strategies, as the Board prepares to implement the new Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan.

The NAIT students assisted CRB's GIS Coordinator by taking on the mapping of regional schools and this term another team will begin investigating how best to report on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Bruce notes that all this work is directly related to key Board projects, which means the students are exposed to proprietary regional work.

It is hoped that soon MacEwan students will have an opportunity to take part in communications-based projects.