Feb 19, 2017
A Transition Task Force has been struck to provide political leadership and strategic oversight of a plan to support the implementation of the upcoming change in the Board's regulation and associated Board operations.

The Terms of Reference were approved by the Board at its meeting February 9, 2017. 

The Task Force will manage the transitions required for three separate but overlapping occurrences:
  • Proposed amendments as part of the Modernized Municipal Government Act, including refinements to the Board's mandate, roles & responsibilities, governance, and membership
  • Changes to the Board's regulation, triggered by the legislative change, which require realignment of operations to support the regulatory changes 
  • Changes to the Board as a result of the October 16, 2017 municipal elections
The Task Force members representing one County, one City, One Town and one departing member plus the City of Edmonton were selected by Board peers in each category.

They are Mayor Randy Boyd, Town of Bon Accord (departing member), Mayor Roxanne Carr, Strathcona County, Mayor William Choy, Town of Stony Plain, Mayor Don Iveson, City of Edmonton,  Mayor Greg Krischke, City of Leduc.

The first meeting is set for March 8, 2017.