Mar 22, 2017
The proposed, smaller Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board of 13 members to convene in November  have a bigger mandate - overseeing regional prosperity as well as regional municipal servicing.

With this realization in mind, the Transition Task Force got to work at its first meeting March 8, 2017. Key decisions follow.

Re Task Force:
  • Mayor William Choy was elected Chair and Mayor Roxanne Carr, Vice Chair.
  • Alternates for each of the five TF members will be required to attend all meetings
  • CAOs from four municipalities not represented by the City, County, Town and Departing Member TF members will be invited to attend and participate as non-voting members in the TF discussions. Those CAOs and a delegate from the City of Edmonton will be announced at next meeting. 
  • Terms of Reference approved
Re Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, to be recommended to Board for approval:
  • A Board structure change; proposed to be reduced to two Standing Committees - an Executive Committee and an Audit & Finance Committee - with the appointment of ad hoc Task Forces to manage all Board projects as directed.
  • Recommendation that CAOs have a "dotted line" to all Committees and Task Forces
  •  The Task Force model will be recommended to make it easier to bring the right people together in a timely fashion for specific outcomes
Re Next Steps
  • Meeting schedule approved: April 13, May 10, and May 25
  • April 13 meeting will include consideration of the Metro Mayors Report, proposed Committee Terms of Reference, a Delegation of Authority Schedule, the Board and Committee Schedule and a recommendation for Board Chair selection.
  • Also discussed at the next meeting will be a draft Board Mandate Implementation Plan, including reviews of the Business Plan, and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan Future Work, as well as a review of the New Regulation to determine possible Future Work.

The Transition Task Force was struck to lead the CRB through three major transitions in 2017: through the  2017 municipal elections, through the changeover to a new Board and mandate, and through the approval and implementation of the Growth Plan.

For further information about the Transition Task Force contact CEO Malcolm Bruce or at 780-438-6002.