Jul 19, 2018
The newly approved 2018-2023 Strategic Plan, and first for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, places emphasis on innovative regional collaboration, while the Region continues to grow responsibly and build on the momentum of its 10 year history.

From now on, the Board's Business Plans and Budgets will be build around these priorities.

Principles guiding Board work for the next four years were idenified as:
  • Collaboration: Working Together
  • Innovation: Being Creative and Nimble
  • Building Trust: Being Respectful
  •  Unity: Speaking with One Voice
From these three strategic priorities were developed:
  1. Shared Investment for Shared Benefit - that is, shared and equitable contributions, investments, and efforts by the EMRB will result in meaurable benefits for the Region as a whole.
  2. Responsible and Sustainable Growth: that is, enbling future generations to meet their needs, including responsible planning, decision-making, and growth monitoring in accordance with the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan and the Regional Servicing Plan, now in development.
  3. Maintain Momentum: that is, the EMRB successfully completes major activities and projects in progress, and continuallly improves programs.