Jul 11, 2018
Keeping track of changes to the regional growth management board was tough in 2017-18.

The new approved Annual Report of the EMRB for 2017-18 is a guide through the many ways the Capital Region Board transitioned to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board in its last fiscal year, and begins a new chapter in the Region's history, while building on 10 years of regional successes.

Highlighted changes: 
  • new name, better reflecting the Region's identity
  • new Board composition, reducing membership from 24 to 13 creating a nimbler forum for regional issues
  • expanded mandate, Board given additional responsibility for reviewing regional servicing to support Growth Plan goals
  • provincial approval of Growth Plan triggers its implementation plan and the key outcomes for the Board's next term, including the development of a Regional Agriculture Master Plan
See the 2017-18 EMRB Annual Report here