Jun 29, 2018
Members of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) met today in an informal information session to begin broader discussions on the formation of a regional transit system.

St. Albert and Edmonton Mayors Cathy Heron and Don Iveson invited colleagues to join them as partners in their proposed Regional Transit Services Commission, offering a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that would have interested municipalities take part in the development of the model.

Mayor Iveson pointed out that the opportunity to take part carried no immediate risk of financial commitment, thanks to a $3.7 million grant from the province to support the Regional Commuter Service Task Force, spearheaded and currently managed by St. Albert and Edmonton.

Details of the MOU were introduced to about 70 participants as the focus of this first gathering of the Integrated Transportation and Transit Systems Working Group.

Key MOU take-aways:
  • Opportunity to participate in a phased Implementation Plan now in development to determine governance, transition and service operation protocols
  • All regional municipalities are invited to join and/or opt out at any time
  • No immediate risk or cost implications
The Working Group is a new regional forum, an outgrowth of the EMRB, but with no decision making powers or direct Board association. However the Board has allocated funding to provide logistical support in light of its potential contribution to the objectives of the regional Growth Plan and alignment with its Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan project, as mandated by the new Regulation.
Currently there is no deadline for signing on to the MOU. Several Councils have decided to join, or will make their decisions in the coming weeks.

Next steps will be determined by the Task Force and communicated directly to municipalities.

See the Introductory presentation by Mayors Heron and Iveson here