Sep 14, 2018
Preparations though the spring and summer of this year have set up a productive term.

Now in place:
  • The approved 2018-2023 Strategic Plan has given direction to core projects
  • Staffing changes, including the appointment of a new CEO, provide a stable working administrative team
Pending Board approval
  • Public Engagement Policy - in response to the specific requirement in the new EMRB Regulation formal policy has been drafted to capture engagement practices to date and incorporate alignment with established member public engagement policies
  • Strategic Plan Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Performance measurement to ensure Plan objectives are being met
  • 2018 Fall Advocacy Plan - The first step in a new coherent Board-directed advocacy strategy for effective regional advocacy and engagement with the Provincial and Federal governments
In process and ongoing  
  • 2019/20 Budget - Audit & Finance committee has reviewed first draft and provided input to administration
  • Shared Investment for Shared Benefit Initiative - As the Board's first strategic priority this initiative is in early stages of development, with the objective of a made-for-Edmonton-Metro definition and framework for regional shared investment for shared benefit
  • RAMP - With its next meeting September 21, 2018, the Regional Agriculture Master Plan Task Force is well underway as the first priority for implementation of the award winning Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan
  • MRSP - Also in its early stages, the Task Force leading the development of the Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan will be reviewing work done by its regional technical advisory committee at the next Task Force meeting October 26, 2018
  • Regional Broadband - Development of the scope and nature of this project is now underway
Other Conversations
  • Metro Regional Transit - St. Albert Mayor Heron and Edmonton Mayor Iveson invited regional members to join the Regional Transit Commission initiative at the first meeting of the Integrated Transorportation and Transit Systems Working Group on June 29
  • Sturgeon County Special Study Area - Sturgeon County, working in collaboration with Edmonton and St. Albert, is close to submitting a plan to the Board for the Sturgeon Valley in accordance with Section on page 87 of the Growth Plan 
Next Board meeting is October 11, 2018.