Aug 08, 2018
Following October 2017 legislation to mirror the success of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board  by creating another mandated growth management board in the Calgary Region, the BILD Calgary Region neatly explains what that means in its 3 minute video Growing Together: Growth Management Boards.

In it, Edmonton's success story is recognized, as Calgary prepares to create its own 35-year Growth Plan by 2021, as the Capital Region Board in 2008 was tasked to do by 2010.

The current Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan was completed in 2016 after a 30-month update to the original plan. It now stands as a model for collaborative regional planning, capturing provincial and national planning awards in 2017.  In fact, in 2018, implementation has begun with the development of a Regional Agriculture Master Plan.

From the video Growing Together: Growth Management Boards:
  • "Edmonton is already years ahead of Calgary...
  • "in successful regional planning the idea is not to dictate growth, it is to ensure rapid growth is well managed."
  • EMRB has shown us there are significant savings to be had, and "that relationships strengthen as the work gets done...
  • "Everyone can appreciate smarter growth planning for better investment of tax dollars; for diverse housing options; for effective land use, and for a thriving metropolitan area."