Sep 21, 2018
Digging into the heart of the their mission to create a Regional Agriculture Master Plan (RAMP) Task Force members today engaged in fulsome discussions on the Plan's vision, its underlying principles and definitions, and a planning framework specific to the needs of Edmonton Metro.

The results will now be incorporated into updated draft versions for another round of review at the next Task Force meeting on November 23, 2018.

"It's important to work carefully through this process because there will be more complex issues coming up," said Task Force Chair Mayor Rod Shaigec. "We have to be clear about our vision and principles as the firm basis for decisions we'll be faced with next, about what is best for agriculture and for this region."

What's important is that we are having these hard conversations and that's because as a Board we realize the importance of agriculture to the long term prosperity of the Edmonton Metropolital Region. We're getting there!"

Once the Task Force comes to agreement on a vision, principles, and a planning framework for RAMP, they will go to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board for approval, as early as December.

For complete info see the RAMP webpage here