The Planning Toolkit is a guide to aid Edmonton Metropolitan Region member municipalities and stakeholders with the implementation of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan.

The Toolkit was developed to help member municipalities and stakeholders navigate the regional planning process by:
  • providing the information necessary to implement the Growth Plan consistently at the local level through municipal planning processes across the Edmonton Metropolitan Region; and
  • assisting in knowing how and when Regional Evaluation Framework (REF) applications are required and what information is required for an application.

Ultimately, the desired result is the consistent interpretation and application of the Principles and Policies of the Growth Plan, and strong regional cooperation and collaboration.


The Toolkit consists of a number of appendices and interpretive guides making it easier for municipal administration and stakeholders to find and reference the specific information when it is needed.

Note: The Planning Toolkit is a series of guides to aid in the implementation of the Growth Plan. The Planning Toolkit is NOT a substitute for reading and understanding the Growth Plan and the REF. 

The Planning Toolkit has been comprehensively reviewed by EMRB Administration in collaboration with municipal staff and revised as of February 2019.