The IRTMP is a future-ready plan for effective regional mobility. It lays the groundwork for a regional transportation network that aligns systems, infrastructure and land use planning with the 2017 Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan.

It is our commitment to work together as one region towards a diverse transportation system that will enable a transportation mode shift, consider the future of regional transportation, and integrate our regional transportation systems for our growing population. 

Building on previous regional collaboration, the IRTMP update will take place over a period of two years, from September 2019 to June 2021.
The IRTMP will help municipalities integrate transportation systems, coordinate transportation planning, share data and expertise, and come together with a single voice to advocate for policies, prioritization and investment to ensure our Region is connected as a community and to markets.

Why the Region needs an IRTMP?

By 2044, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is expected to add an anticipated one million additional residents and nearly 475,000 new jobs. The IRTMP Task Force is collaborating as one region to update the 2011 IRTMP  so that the Region has the necessary transportation infrastructure and mobility options to accommodate the growth of the Region, and connect our economy to Canada and beyond.

The IRTMP also recognizes the critical link between the safe and efficient movement of people and goods to our attractiveness, competitiveness and prosperity as a region.

Creating Value for the Region

Regional collaboration will allow municipalities to plan, invest and build smarter, and we can better leverage taxpayer dollars to build a transportation system that moves citizens and goods safely, efficiently and effectively.

When individual municipalities work together as one metropolitan region, they can reduce duplication in planning, realize efficiencies in land use, and find opportunities to save on costs and share investment in transportation infrastructure.

Aligning a future-proofed IRTMP to the 2017 Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan is vital to realizing an estimated $5B dollars in efficiencies across the region through coordinated land use, infrastructure investment, and growth planning.

Planning together means we can guarantee the Region is attractive and competitive, now and for future generations. IRTMP is our tool to support an exceptional quality of life and build an investment-ready region.


Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of this region; connecting communities, businesses and industry across 9,439 square kilometres in the heart of Alberta. Through the IRTMP, we're planning without boundaries for a transportation system that will guarantee our region is connected, competitive, and positioned for growth.

Message from Mayor Gale Katchur, Chair of the IRTMP Task Force

IRTMP Task Force Members

Work to update the IRTMP will be advanced, on behalf of the EMRB, by the IRTMP Task Force. The Task Force is supported by a Working Group of technical experts from EMRB member municipalities and strategic advisors in urban planning. The Task Force provides direction to the Working Group, approves decisions and deliverables, and makes recommendations to the Board. 

IRTMP Task Force Members
Mayor Gale Katchur, Chair - City of Fort Saskatchewan
Mayor John Stewart, Vice Chair - City of Beaumont
Councillor Nicole Boutestein - Town of Morinville
Councillor Tim Cartmell - City of Edmonton
Mayor Alanna Hnatiw - Sturgeon County
Councillor Justin Laurie - Town of Stony Plain
Councillor Bill Tonita - Strathcona County
Michael Botros - Alberta Transportation

Meeting Schedule

For upcoming and past IRTMP Task Force meetings, agendas and materials, please visit EMRB Meetings.