What is the Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan?

The Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan is our pathway to a more collaborative, efficient, and cost-effective region.

Through the first collaborative and fully regional servicing plan, we can ensure the Edmonton Region has the necessary services and infrastructure required to guarantee our economic competiveness, attractiveness and quality of life, and position the Region as a destination for new families and business.

The objectives of the inaugural Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan are to:

  • identify the services required to support implementation of the Growth Plan;

  • optimize the responsible growth of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region; and

  • coordinate planning, investment and decisions to ensure the highest quality services at the best possible value to citizens of regional municipalities.

Why does the Region need a Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan?

When our Region collaborates, we can plan for and deliver services more efficiently and at a better value to municipalities.

As one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, our growth is outpacing our ability to ensure the necessary services are in the right place at the right time when citizens and business need them.

The Region shares a collective growth challenge, and while we’ve had a century to build the services for the first million regional residents, we’ll have only a quarter of that time to plan for the next million. Municipalities across the Region are being challenged to do more with less and we know we will no longer be able to afford to go it alone.

Together we can identify opportunities to share resources, expertise and capacity to deliver essential services at a better value to citizens. 

Next steps towards a more efficient regional future

The final MRSP Report was passed unanimously by the Board on December 2019.

Subsequently, the MRSP Task Force recommended the creation of Regional Collaboratives to advance further cooperation in four priority service areas: Solid Waste, Fire/EMS, Stormwater Management, and Emergency Management

MRSP Standing Committee

The Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan Standing Committee provides leadership, advice and direction to the implementation of the MRSP and oversees the development of Regional Collaboratives to lead further work in priority service areas. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring alignment of Regional Collaboratives with the Edmonton Metro Region Growth Plan.

Standing Committee members:
  • Mayor Ray Ralph, Town of Devon
  • Councillor Kelly Vandenberghe, Leduc County
  • Councillor Michael Walters, City of Edmonton
  • Councillor Ken Mackay, City of St. Albert
  • Councillor Dave Anderson, Strathcona County