Dec 14, 2018
As the EMRB prepared to celebrate its 10 Year Anniversary following its December 13 meeting, important decisions to move forward its ambitious agenda were made in the spirit of regional collaboration:
  • Shared Investment for Shared Benefit - The Board's number one priority will be actioned in the new year with the passage of a Project Charter and Task Force Terms of Reference for the Shared Investment for Shared Benefit initiative (SISB). After discussion that recognized this work as "exception all" it was agreed that the SISB Task Force would include all 13 Board members rather than seven, the commonly used model with representation from all sizes of municipal members. 
  • Sturgeon Valley Special Study Area - The Sturgeon Valley is a unique established community of more than 3,500 residents established in 1999 in the rural Sturgeon County, but now surrounded by the cities of Edmonton and St. Albert. It was identified as a planning anomaly in the 2017 Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan requiring special policy. After of several months of discussion and negotiation between the three municipalities involved, that special policy - allowing for special graduated transition densities to accommodate full development and a transit centre - was approved by the Board. This paves the way for the Sturgeon Valley to be built out as planned but with accommodations that update the original vision to ensure compliance with the spirit of the new Growth Plan.
Other highlights:
  • CEO Karen Wichuk provided a report on the visit by Board members to the Legislature on December 6. The Board Chair, seven Mayors and the CEO were introduced to the Legislative Assembly by Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson, and held meetings with Government and Opposition members to promote the EMRB and its 10 Years of Success celebrations this month.
  • The Board endorsed the projects submitted by EMRB municipalities to the Alberta Community Transit Fund, where $215 million is being made available over five years to support municipal transit initiatives. Administration will send letters to each members confirming Board endorsement in order to give the regional applications 10 extra points in the points-based project evaluations.
  • The Board celebrated the completion of 10 years of regional success with a reunion reception for about 200 current and former Board members, and regional stakeholders from Edmonton Metro municipalities, businesses and institutions representing the many interests that have participated in and contributed to the work of the Board. Special guests included the Hon. Amarjeet  Sohi, Minister of Natural Resources Canada and MP for Edmonton Mill Woods (via video)  and Municipal Affairs Minister and MLA for Leduc-Beaumont, Hon. Shaye Anderson. Spruce Grove Mayor Stuart Houston, as the remaining original member of the Board, gave a toast to the past - the CRB and its legacy, and Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw toasted the future and possibility of EMRB, as a representative of the eight new Board members in the Region. 
Next Board meeting is February 14. 2019