Dec 12, 2018
Dear EMRB,
I thought I knew a lot about the Edmonton Metropolitan Region when I began my new role as CEO on November 1st.
But as I dive in to meetings with Mayors, CAOs and other regional stakeholders in my first four weeks, I realize there is a lot more than meets the eye. It has been a fascinating learning experience, reminding me every day what a great privilege it is to be part of the Board and the regional energy.
I am excited to work alongside the Board to build on its 10 year history of regional collaborative success. The work ahead of us, including Shared Investment for Shared Benefit, the Regional Agriculture Master Plan, the Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan, the Integrated Regional Transportation Master Plan, and so much more, is truly legacy work that will benefit citizens well beyond the future we can now see.  
I want to thank everyone for your time and the warm welcomes I have received as I visit you in your communities; if I haven't been to see you yet, I am coming!  As I learn more about what is important to you, I am better prepared to focus energy and resources to ensure our collective success for both the region and the province. 
And it's only been a month! I especially look forward to my first Board meeting December 13 and the 10 Year Celebration afterwards. See you then, if not sooner!
Best regards