Aug 11, 2017
(EDMONTON August 11, 2017) The Chair of the Capital Region Board says the decision to christen the Edmonton Metropolitan Region’s new regional economic development entity as Edmonton Global is a big win for the future of the region.

On behalf of the CRB, Chair Nolan Crouse sent a letter of congratulations today to Edmonton Global Shareholders, thanking them for their generous collaboration in acting in the best interests of all regional residents and stakeholders.

“As elected officials as well as shareholders of this new entity, we have reached out boldly together to begin this new venture promoting this region more powerfully to the world.  It speaks to the goodwill and good work we have generated amongst ourselves around the Capital Region Board table. Thank you.”

The Edmonton Global Shareholders are 15 members of the Capital Region Board. The Board has been in the process of incubating an independent regional economic development entity since it hosted a Regional Economic Development Summit in late 2014. The result is Edmonton Global, incorporated as a separate Part 9 not-for-profit company in June of this year.

Crouse noted that the outcomes of Edmonton Global – jobs and investment for the prosperity of the Edmonton Metro Region – dovetail completely with the Board’s tagline Regional Action, Global Opportunity, as well as with its 30-year vision as articulated in its recently updated and award-winning Growth Plan.

In 2016 the Board also undertook research into the value of the region as seen by regional citizens. Edmonton Global represents another important component in the regional statement that emerged:

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is a collection of diverse communities, cooperating to bolster each other’s strengths, enhance connections and represent our value to the world.

Together, our communities form a complete and sustainably growing region with something to suit every ambition.

“It is a tremendous accomplishment any way you look at it,” said Crouse. “Our Board is proud to have been part of the ‘incubation’ process.”

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