Oct 30, 2017

(Edmonton October 30, 2017) The Capital Region Board (CRB) has officially become the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB).

At the same time, required provincial approval has been given to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan. This paves the way for EMRB to begin implementation of the Growth Plan and defines the parameters of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Continuing as the region’s growth management board, EMRB will have 13 Board members from the regional municipalities with populations of more than 5,000, and it will also now be tasked with creating a regional metro servicing plan.

Outgoing Chair of the new EMRB, Nolan Crouse, called the moves timely.

“This clarity will make the work of the new, smaller EMRB much easier, while honouring CRB’s most important legacy for regional residents, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan. Regional metro servicing is a logical next step for the new Board based on the CRB’s success in identifying the benefits of the regional collaboration.”

Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson made these announcements as part of the introduction of the Modernized Municipal Government Act.

The EMRB’s next Board Chair will be announced prior to its first meeting and orientation, scheduled for November 9, 2017.

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