Dec 10, 2018
We're celebrating! The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board closes out 2018 with a look back on what has been accomplished since first meeting as a regional board in 2008 and a year of transition in 2016-17.

An invitation-only celebration reunion will take place this week following the year-end Board meeting, gathering former Board members, regional elected officials, regional partners and stakeholders - anyone who has been part of the Region's 10 year journey from Capital to Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board.
  • Over the past 10 years, EMRB has significantly changed how the Region works together for the better. By initiating cooperation on regional planning that supports regional economic development and service delivery, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is more unified, efficient, and effective.
  • The Board is building on these successes with an ambitious agenda for the next term, notably a Shared Investment for Shared Benefit project with a Task Force to develop a region specific model. This is in addition to the current core growth planning work: a Regional Agriculture Master Plan, a Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan, and an Integrated Regional Transportation Master Plan.
  • The return on a 10-year GOA investment of about $30 million has been calculated to be $5 billion in infrastructure efficiencies over the next 30 years realized through land savings of 160 square kilometers, or about 250 quarter sections. 
Significant accomplishments and demonstrated return on investment:
  • Created an award-winning Regional Growth Plan, that uses a responsible and collaborative approach to ensure that as a region we become more competitive on the global stage; create vibrant communities; move efficiently throughout the Region and preserve our natural environment and agricultural lands for future generations.
  • Launched Edmonton Global, the first regional economic development agency.
  • Developed the first regional Geographic Information Services (GIS) platform to support regional planning and decision making.
  • Developed a Regional and Sub-Regional Housing Planning model now used across the province.
  • Advanced regional transportation planning to more efficiently allocate resources and support Provincial decision-making.
  • Advancing a Regional Transit Commission.
Adopted a Regional Energy Corridors Master Plan to protect and plan for into the future.
About the Edmonton Metropolitan Region
  • Second fastest growing region in Canada, its population is projected to double to 2.2 million people by 2044.
  • Second youngest population of any metropolitan region in Canada, with a median age of 36.5.
  • Home to 725,000 jobs, projected to grow to almost 1.2 million by 2044.
  • $88 billion in GDP.
  • 1,775km of pipelines. The Region can pipe in 2 million barrels of bitumen, refine 430,000 and upgrade 255,000 every day.
  • Home to 17 post-secondary institutions, 15 regional medical facilities, 15 regional sports facilities, and 13 major arts and culture venues.
  • Home to the Edmonton International Airport, the 5th busiest in Canada with over 7 million passengers.